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  • Anuj Agarwal, Founder & CTO

    Anuj Agarwal, Founder & CTO

  • Hailing from the financial domain, we as a team were always familiar with the key pain areas that the organizations in the sector were up against. Over time, clutching our experience, we built a business model projected towards healing those pain areas. It's not surprising that one of the key contentions in the area is reconciliation, as almost 50-60 percent of the work across finance revolves around reconciliation. This means reduction in reconciliation cost, which can be as high as 50-80 percent per transaction, can significantly trim the operational cost of financial organizations. This motivated us to create a business model wherein we work with banks, financial institutions, supply chain leaders and other intermediaries to reduce their operational cost and improve their profit margins.

  • I8LABS: Commencing A Unique Approach In Product Development

Startups Need to Weld New Links to Blockchain

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Ever since Bitcoin came into existence as the first cryptocurrency in 2009, owing thanks to the developer Satoshi Nakamoto, Blockchain, which is the underlying technology of this alternative currency ­ has been in the limelight. Blockchain,

Mid-Tier Companies Propelling Ahead Of Large Enterprises

By: Roop Singh, Chief Business Officer, Birlasoft

As the world struggles to find its way through one of the worst pandemics in the history of mankind, it is estimated that the global economy will shrink by over 4.4%[] in 2020 (IMF). Businesses are looking at reducing outlay and maximizing return on investment that they

10 Most Recommended Blockchain Startups - 2021

Safe Guard Cyber Security with Blockchain!

By: Prasanna Lohar, Head Technology ­ Digital, Innovation & Architecture, DCB Bank

We are already in the year 2021 & the world is looking at it with the promise of a brighter future - but a long road ahead. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud


Optimizing IT for Human Experience Makes for Good Business

By: Jay Ramalingam, VP ­ Engineering, Juniper Networks

The iPhone dramatically improved human experience. The experience was so intuitive that it spawned the big smartphone industry. Apple became one of the most valued businesses in the


If Bots Become Smarter With Improvements In AI, Will HR Be Recruiting People Or Bots In The Future?

By: Abhijit Dhada, IT Lead (India), Petronas Lubricants International

When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI, we normally visualize a robot with super intelligence who can do a gamut of tasks.


How CDN Companies Are Meeting The Demands Of OTT Platforms During Pandemic Crises

By: AshwinRao, Director, Limelight Networks, India

With the pandemic resulting in a world-wide lockdown, people across diverse demographics have been confined to their homes. These developments result in record high online streaming media consumption.

  • 10 Most Recommended Blockchain Startups - 2021

    Aside from cryptocurrencies, it's remarkable to see blockchain technology stretching its footprint across several businesses. Since the technology is enabling businesses to reinvent their present use cases, entrepreneurs worldwide are now taking the front seat in developing innovative ideas that are capable of revolutionizing their respective business domains. Industries are now ardently looking forward to incorporating blockchain technology into their operations, and this contributes to its market growth, which is for ecasted to reach $394.60 billion by 2028, according to `Grand View Research, Inc'. The report also indicates that it's expected to grow at a CAGR of 82.4 percent from 2021 to 2028. The same is true for most Indian enterprises who are adopting Blockchain technology and making it a part of their core operation. At first, India's blockchain technology originally appeared as an up-and-coming technology in the IT sphere. However, this has changed since one of the primary drivers fuelling the market's growth is the increasing acceptability of cryptocurrency in the country. Blockchain technology is currently being used by commercial and central banks around the world to process payments and issue digital currencies. CIO Insider plunges deep into the Blockchain world and by examining the current trends and happenings, it serves the `10 Most Recommended Blockchain Startups - 2021'. The startups on the list have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in their operations, increased client engagements utilizing Blockchain, built integrated solutions, and, as a result, have contributed significantly to the industry's growth. A panel of specialists, including industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial staff, scrutinised the following list (in alphabetical order).

10 Most Recommended Blockchain Startups - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BitHyve BitHyve Arpan Jain, Partner Creates simple alternate financial platforms based on open blockchains across various aspects of business, one of the foremost being research, development and adoption of cryptocurrencies
BlockCluster BlockCluster Vinshu Gupta, Founder & CEO Avails blockchain management system for corporates, SMEs, startups, freelancers and governments
DreamzTech Solutions DreamzTech Solutions Krish Ghosh, Founder & CTO An enterprise solution provider that leverages technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Enterprise Mobility, Progressive Web App Platform, Cloud Apps & Security, and Data Analytics
Giottus Giottus Arjun Vijay, Co-founder & COO Built a platform comrpising features like Trade Engine, Instant INR Deposit & Withdraw, Trade in 15+ coins, KYC Verification and High liquidity
I8LABS: Commencing A Unique Approach In Product Development i8Labs Anuj Agarwal, Founder & CTO Starting its operations right from the discovery phase, i8Labs helps its clients bring more clarity into the process of technology deployment, especially blockchain
Inspira Enterprise Inspira Enterprise Manoj Kanodia, CEO Leverages Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology to build enterprise blockchain solutions for data archival and website & file monitoring
InteliTix Solutions InteliTix Solutions Satish Salivati, Director Delivers end-to-end blockchain solutions that include POCs, projects and ICO Smart contracts rollouts
Quillhash Technologies: Providing True Blockchain Experience through Problem-Centric Business Solutions Quillhash Technologies Preetam Rao, Co-Founder & CEO A blockchain solutions development studio dedicated to researching and developing blockchain-based products and services to optimize existing business services and concepts
SettleMint: Bringing Complete Transparency to Food Supply Chain SettleMint Shahzad Fatmi, CEO Offering uncomplicated and faster blockchain solutions for companies to help them increase their overall efficiency or even re-invent their existing business model and operations, alongside full-fledged Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service solutions
Tracefood: Attaching 'Roots' To Food Products TraceFood Balaji A, CEO On a mission to ensure traceability of food products in the fresh produce industry using Blockchain technology