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  • Utkarsh Apoorva, Mayank Tiwari, Saurabh Agarwal

    Utkarsh Apoorva, Mayank Tiwari, Saurabh Agarwal

  • ReshaMandi is India's first agritech startup digitizing India's silk supply chain and envisioning to make India the silk superpower. Our influential reputation among the stakeholders, especially farmers, has a simple reason that we walk the talk. Our processes have helped farmers improve their crop yield and quality. We are a grassroot-level enabler that works directly with sericulture farmers, fabric weavers, silk reelers, and retailers, enabling them to get the best price for their produce, reducing the time to market, and making sure that they are supplied with the best raw materials and testing kits. Farmers can sell their produce directly to us and we ensure that they get the best price in the market. We also enable the logistics aspect of the supply chain and reduce the burden on the farmer.

  • Reshamandi: Changing The Game For Silk Industry Using Technology

Farming at Fingertips!

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

Remember the days when you had to visit multiple retail shops in order to purchase, well, anything? Beyond enabling the experience of wandering through the aisles on your smartphone, the major aspect that helped the e-commerce industry to really take off was the doorste

Farmers of the Future - What change does the Digital Mandi Shift Promise?

By: Sanjay Borkar, Co-Founder & CEO, FarmERP

Agriculture forms the backbone of any society ­ it is upon the benefits we reap from its harvests, that we can move toward secondary pursuits. Often devoid of appreciation, acknowledgement, and real monetary benefits, our

10 Most Promising Leaders in Agritech - 2021

Composability at the Core Drives Innovation at the Edge

By: Kuntal Shah, Director – Engineering, Avaya

Shifting consumer and employee values over the past year have created an impetus for organizations to change how they do business. According to The Life and Work Beyond 2020 study commissioned by Avaya, 71 percent of consumers claim that customer service problems


Managing the Information Security Risks in the Age of Connected Production Systems

By: Ravikiran S Avvaru, Head - IT, Apollo Tyres Ltd

The proliferation of connected devices is well-known and documented with the potential of crossing 20 billion connected things by the time this article is written.


Quantum Computing & AI for Financial Industry

By: Utpal Chakraborty, Head of AI, YES Bank & AI Researcher

The struggle for financial technologies to deal with humongous multidimensional complex data to be interpreted at real-time is still on, although we have been able to address it to some extent. A ray of hope with lots of promises glittering at


Becoming Future-Ready by Mainstreaming the Right Technology Skills

By: Jayanta Banerjee, Group CIO, Tata Steel

One of the better outcomes of the pandemic has been the greater appreciation of the role of technology in our lives and how with the support of technology we managed to maintain some semblance of normalcy during the past 10 months. The compulsion to work from home


Security at the Initial Level

By: Ashok Tiwari, Head IT Operations, Varroc Lighting Systems India

The way security breaches are happening, we must think of a solution which could support a robust IT Security solution. In the Covid19 situations, the number of remote and roaming employees working has increased tremendously and the threat of IT Security has gone high.


If Bots Become Smarter With Improvements In AI, Will HR Be Recruiting People Or Bots In The Future?

By: Abhijit Dhada, IT Lead (India), Petronas Lubricants International

When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI, we normally visualize a robot with super intelligence who can do a gamut of tasks. Well, I would say, you're only partially right because AI


Digital Transformation: Are We on the Right Track?

By: Tarun Bali, AVP Technology, The Body Shop India

'Digital Transformation' is one of those buzzwords whose original meaning has gotten lost in translation, yet it's evident that effective technology use is more important than ever before. Adopting technology for the sake of it isn't the goal of the digital transformati

  • 10 Most Promising Leaders in Agritech - 2021

    Despite the COVID-19’s outbreak, the agritech domain pursued its effort to keep the agriculture sector evolving. A recent study by reports that the global agritech industry is estimated to hit $ 41,172.5 million by 2027 growing at a CAGR of 12.1 percent. For long, the agritech domain has been driving the agriculture sector to a fruitful destination with many notable individuals taking the forefront with their charismatic agritech enterprises. From developing bio-stimulants for crops to machines yielding the crop, these individuals have their hands across every aspect of agriculture. Some of whom also consider the economical side by helping farmers acquire interest friendly loans, setting up digital banks, and dealing with other money matters. Although applying the latest technologies may be at a slow pace for most farmers, these individuals also educate farmers in using smart farming techniques and even offer them advice on crop growth, condition, and the likes. Using the latest technologies does sound a bit expensive, but fear not, as it's well induced to these agritechnopreneurs and leaders who help manufacture cost-friendly products and solutions and at times these are even handed over free of cost. With firm determination, these leaders have been the tailwind to many farming communities, and are indeed making a difference in the entire agriculture sector. CIO Insider studied the newest inputs regarding the agritech domain and identified the ‘10 Most Promising Leaders in Agritech - 2021' to recognize the most promising agritech leaders. The index contains a bunch of agritech leaders who have demonstrated efficiency and great performance, earning a high level of respect and trust from the farming community. A panel of professionals, comprising industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team, reviewed the following list (in alphabetical order).

10 Most Promising Leaders in Agritech - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
TraceFood TraceFood Balaji A, CEO A tech-savvy leader, Balaji is n a mission to ensure traceability of food products in the fresh produce industry using Blockchain technology
FASSTER by Vyazhan Technologies FASSTER by Vyazhan Technologies Manivasagan Ramamoorthy & Gokul Medasani, Co-Founders An award winning developer of agri-tech app M-Velanmai, which was developed in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agriculture University
KisanMail KisanMail Arvind Patel, Founder Arvind has built a one-stop platform for all farmer’s needs, offering a rental platform for farming equipment and local marketplace for farmers and shopkeepers.
Vyoda Vyoda Vishnu Ranga, Director Under the aegis of Vishnu, this agritech startup operates to deliver affordable smart irrigation solutions through product innovation and to promote sustainable agricultural practices
Way2Grow Ag Tech Way2Grow Ag Tech Ramesh G, Managing Director Ramesh is integrating hydroponics technology, through Way2Grow and is planning to offer industry leading solutions to grow plants that gives the best yield
Ashish Rajan Singh: Setting New Milestones in Transformation of Agriculture Agstack Technologies Ashish Rajan Singh, Co-Founder & CTO Holding immense experience in tailoring customised agri-tech products & services, Ashish is on a journey to overcome the challenges and change the way agriculture works
Ajit J Ingle: Spearheading an Agri-Revolution through Farming Automation Atuofert Agrimations Equipments Ajit J Ingle, Managing Director A postgraduate in the field of Horticulture and possessing a wealth of global experience in high-tech farming, Ajit is on a mission to automate irrigation & fertilization and increase productivity in farms
Alok Duggal: Building an 'Amazon' for the Farming Community FAARMS Alok Duggal, Founder & COO An exceptional leader, Alok is building a bespoke e-commerce marketplace for farmers that offers everything from doorstep delivery of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and animal feed among others to critical crop related knowledge
Reshamandi: Changing The Game For Silk Industry Using Technology ReshaMandi Utkarsh Apoorva, Co-Founder & CBO, Mayank Tiwari, Founder & CEO, Saurabh Agarwal, Co-Founder & CTO A first-of-its-kind agritech startup that provides an AI & IoT-led digital ecosystem for the silk supply chain, creating a deep impact in the lives of the stakeholders of the silk ecosystem, starting from farmers to consumers
Satyam Khagen Bose: The Contrarian Technopreneur's Quest towards Sustainable Rural Transformation (Rural-ReBoot) Virenxia Group Satyam Khagen Bose, Group CEO & Chairman A seasoned technopreneur with deep-rooted technology experience and a fair amount of perseverance, Satyam is determined to build holistic sustainable solutions to reboot rural India