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  • 10 Most Recommended BI Solution Providers - 2019

    Business Intelligence solution industry has been undertaking a fundamental move in recent years powered by the combination of a number of new innovations, technologies and tools. Moreover, it is difficult for organizations to work with the most reputed business intelligence solution providers in order to benefit a customized business intelligence solution. Business Intelligent tools have provided an entry to organizations of all sizes to powerful data analytical capabilities. There are around 6 million ways to BI and there are different types of BI reports provided to the organizations across the globe. BI software buyers are expecting advanced analytical features from business intelligence. An estimated amount of 42 percent buyers demanded predictive analytics, 32 percent desired data mining and 20 percent expressed interest in...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Babelfish Tech Babelfish Tech Rajesh Nair , CEO Facilitates data democratization in the areas of Business Intelligence, Conversational Interfaces and Machine Human Conversations.
B Informative IT Services B Informative IT Services Alok Khobragade , Founder & MD Delivers services around Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Integration.
Careator Technologies Careator Technologies Aditya Damuluri , Founder & CEO Offers Business Intelligence services to meet business and technical requirements.
Data Sementics Data Sementics Sujith Varghese , CEO Develops solutions around Business Intelligence & Performance Management, Advanced Analytics, Mobile BI, Data Visualization and Consolidation.
DW Practice DW Practice Raju Nadimpalli , COO Provides end-to-end BI services that cover entire BI lifecycle starting from technology evaluation & architecture design to reporting and maintenance.
Intellify Solutions Intellify Solutions Vinayak Kulkarni , Co-Founder Avails Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions using onsite-offshore delivery model.
Jaspersoft Corporation Jaspersoft Corporation Brian Gentile , Chairman & CEO Avails Business Intelligence (BI) suite for better decision-making through interactive reports, dashboards and analytics.
Kockpit Analytics Kockpit Analytics Sanjeev Bindlish , Director Builds cloud-based BI solutions with self service dashboard, real-time data analysis, and key performance indicators.
Paul & Martin Consulting Paul & Martin Consulting Vinod Paul , Founder & CEO Focuses on providing Consulting, Implementation, Training & Support services around Data Visualization and Business Intelligence.
Sparx IT Solutions Sparx IT Solutions Rohit Choudhary , Co-Founder & Director Renders end-to-end BI consulting services encompassing consulting, dashboard services, architecture & design service, and implementation services.