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  • Risk Management With Predictive Analytics
  • 10 Most Recommended Risk Management Solution Providers - 2019

    The purpose of risk management comprise classifying the risk, measuring them, estimating the future, justifying the risk, conducting cost promoting analysis and implementing programme for loss control & insurance. A survey conducted by Indian Risk Management contains a study of risk awareness by various companies based on their output, providing an outline of the encounters faced by small and medium level organisations in contrast to huge businesses. For the survey, the organisations were segregated according to their turnover up to INR 100 crore (USD 13.9 million), among INR 100 crore to 200 crore (USD 13.9 - 27.83 million), and among the organisations having their turnover more than INR 200 crore (USD 27.83 million). For medium level companies with a turnover concerning INR 100 crore to 200 crore (USD 13.9 - 27.83 million), and also...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CyberSRC Consultancy CyberSRC Consultancy Taneja Sushma , Director Practices various methodologies such as Asset based risk assessment, OCTANE, and Failure Mode effect analysis to assess IT environment risks.
Etrends Technologies Etrends Technologies Manesh Karani , Founder & Chairman Offers Laser Enterprise Risk Management System, Laser Audit Reporting System and 360 degree Employee Multi-rater Feedback System.
First Rand Bank First Rand Bank Rohit Wahi , CEO Caters solutions across Investment banking, Corporate banking, Foreign exchange forwards and commodity hedging.
Info drive Analytics Info Drive Analytics Kurupath Madhavan Nayar , Director Drives solutions for Credit Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Operation Risk Management, Asset Liability Management and Anti Money Laundering.
IYCON IYCON Jude Chagas Pereira , CEO Monitors Business process Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Content Management and Business Analytics.
JMR Infotech JMR Infotech Suresha Iyer , Executive Vice President Delivers Enterprise Analytics solutions encompassing BI solutions, Risk, Performance and Compliance solutions.
Plan & Serve Consultancy Plan & Serve Consultancy Nitin Agarwal , CEO Engages in logical and legitimate solutions across Assurance, Control & Risk Advisory, tax & regulatory, business support services and RBI & FEMA compliances
PMG PMG Abhinav Pandey , CEO Specializes in Management Consultancy Services, Total Quality Management Consultants and Lean Manufacturing Concept Consultants.
RSA Security RSA Security Rohit Ghai , President Facilitates Encryption, Network Forensics, Security Analytics, Adaptive Authentication, Cybersecurity, GRC, Enterprise Security, Fraud Prevention, and SIEM.
Transasia Soft Tech Transasia Soft Tech Vijayanand Subramaniam , COO Delivers solutions in the areas of enterprise risk management, IT risk management & mitigation and financing strategies.