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  • 10 Most Recommended Big Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2019

    The amount of data generated today from all industry domains is very valuable. Over the decades, big data analytics trends are evolving, from a departmental approach to a business-driven data approach, while embracing agile technologies. Earlier, big data was mainly deployed by big organizations, who could afford the technology and channels used to compile and analyze the information. However, today the scope of big data is changed leading to business enterprises large or small relying on big data for intelligent business insights. Therefore, in terms of deployment, more than 70 percent of BDA software revenues in 2019 will go toward on-premises solutions. Revenue for BDA software delivered via the public cloud will experience very strong growth over the five-year forecast (32.3 percent CAGR) and will represent more than 44 percent of...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Analytics Edge Analytics Edge Santosh Nair , Founder Offers data management & reporting, marketing analytics, customer analytics, testing analytics, digital analytics, analytics training & workshops, and analytics consulting.
Banyan Data Services Banyan Data Services Nagesh Konduru , Founder Develops solutions around DevOps, SRE, and Cloud services that focus on cost efficiency, capability, and coverage to manage critical data services.
G Square G Square Gopi Suvanam , Founder Provides sales analytics services for business analytics, customer analytics, sales channel analytics, and big data analytics.
Gyan Data Gyan Data Shankar Narasimhan , Founder Facilitates data analytics, process systems engineering, and advanced process control for critical problem solving ability.
IOLECT IOLECT Sachin Sinha , Founder Provides platform for big data & real-time data analytics, and data analysis.
IOPhysics Systems IOPhysics Systems Ashish Gawali , Founder A Smart Big Data Infrastructure company built for Hybrid & Multi-Cloud for Enterprise Data.
Lymbyc Lymbyc Satyakam Mohanty , Founder Offers advanced analytical products, custom analytics solutions, research-based consulting, big data analytics, and big data platform.
RecoSense Infosolutions RecoSense Infosolutions Amith Services , CEO & Founder Provides a data intelligent SaaS platform to automate data acquisition, computing, correlation and visualization.
TheMathCompany TheMathCompany Aditya Kumbakonam , Founder Provides a holistic range of services across data engineering, data science and solution deployment.
Tredence Tredence Shub Bhowmick , CEO Offers data visualization, advanced analytics, analytics consulting, big data set-up, data management, and analytics solutions.