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The Art of Using AI to Educate India on AI


To this day, only a minimal level of the ocean has been ventured with the rest waiting to behold humanity of its many wonders. The same stands true for artificial intelligence (AI), ‘there’s more than meets the eye’ with this one. It’s undoubtedly a vast realm booming with opportunities that may be entirely new upon discovery, giving more reason why it’s difficult to give a precise vision of its future. Currently, it already has the world wrapped around its technological finger, with the world relying on telemedicine, self-driving cars, verbally commanding Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants, and more.

While efforts are whisked into it to breathe life to many imaginations, AI is helped to boost its growth and in turn, a lot of opportunities are drawn out. If the same persists, by 2026 the global AI market will reach $ 299.64 billion at a 35.6 percent CAGR according to the latest research by Facts and Factors market research. To dwell more into bringing its technological advancements, researchers, companies, students and those interested in this expedition are making studies in the field. Besides, it makes it more vital for students to learn more about it for tech companies are now widely seeking individuals who can brew out the most in this technological endeavor. In fact, a lot of tech companies are dedicating their time to teaching students about the know-how of this vast technological endeavor. What’s more is that these companies are using AI as a tool to educate students about other latest technologies as well, with the most recent ones being Microsoft and Intel. Both plan to use AI to equip students for, of and by much knowledge in this field with the support of a seasoned Indian non-governmental trade association and advocacy group.

Intel's AI For All is Open to Everyone in India
With the forces of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Ministry of Education, the leading chipmaker certainly banked on Alexandre Dumas’s One for All and All for One motto. As the chipmaker feels the need to enable any individual who is up for a learning experience in AI and not students alone. Therefore, it launched the AI For All initiative to give a basic understanding of AI to all through this four-hour, self-paced learning program that demystifies AI in an inclusive manner. To be more precise, the initiative is open to students, stay-at-home parents, professionals in any field, and even senior citizens who can hop on this ride. While the chipmaker is at it, it plans to pool in one million citizens in the wake of the year the initiative was introduced.

Better yet, the program is totally on the house, meaning it’s free of any charges and its four-hour content resource is categorized into two sections. One is the AI-Awareness that covers basic knowledge of AI, as well as clearing off common misunderstandings about AI and its application potentialities and lasts about 1.5 hours. The other, which is the AI Appreciation segment, is teaching learners about AI's primary areas, its influence across sectors, and how to start creating personal learning goals. Participants will receive unique digital badges that can be shared on social media at every level they conquer. But that’s not all, since India is popular for its diversity in culture and other aspects; the program is infused with 11 different languages for individuals with digital access.

Intel is indeed burning the night oil working with governments and communities around the world to foster a digital-first culture and increase access to the AI skills required for today's and tomorrow's professions. Thereby giving more power to the AI For All initiative as a part of the chipmaker’s social responsibility efforts in India, to democratize AI for everyone.

Hearing the words of Shweta Khurana, Director, APJ, Global Partnerships and Initiatives, Intel, “AI has the power to drive faster economic growth, address population-scale challenges and benefit the lives and livelihoods of people. The AI For All initiative based on Intel’s AI For Citizens program aims to make India AI-ready by building awareness and appreciation of AI among everyone. The program further strengthens Intel’s commitment to collaborating with the Government of India to reach the full potential of AI and further the vision of a digitally-empowered India”.

Nasscom and Microsoft Take AI-Skilling on a National Level
NASSCOM FutureSkills and Microsoft have teamed up to develop a national AI skilling program to promote skilling as a national priority.

this partnership is also said to oversee gathering various academic institutes and colleges to integrate new cloud and AI technologies into the curriculum, with the goal of making India a global hub for talented AI talent

Meaning students can have more than one bite of Microsoft's AI, machine learning, and data science expertise through easy-to-understand modules such as live demos, hands-on workshops, and assignments. Again, these sessions are also free of course and embark on the fundamentals of data science, machine learning models on Azure and understanding cognitive services to construct intelligent solutions for undergraduate students.

Students can ask away their doubts while the chat is live and further on that line, there will be a dedicated 30 minute Q&A opportunity to address any further questions.

To check their understanding and download the participation certificate students are said to receive an assessment link after the session. But this is only after the completion of the three-and-a-half-hour session, with a side of multiple-choice questions for a knowledge check and a link to download the participation certificate on the go. On that basis, participants are allotted 20 minutes to solve 30 questions and if they score 60 percent or higher, they are eligible to get the Microsoft AI workshop attendance certificate. Microsoft and NASSCOM FutureSkill will offer a combined certificate.

On the other hand, this partnership is also said to oversee gathering various academic institutes and colleges to integrate new cloud and AI technologies into the curriculum, with the goal of making India a global hub for talented AI talent.

Like Intel’s aim, the two organizations aim to help 25 million individuals gain the digital skills they need to succeed in the digital economy.

As nations begin to recover from the pandemic, improved access to digital skills will be one of the primary drivers of inclusive economic growth,” said Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, Microsoft India's National Technology Officer. AI is becoming an enabler for every organization, necessitating the construction of an AI-ready ecosystem for India's economic and societal value generation. Our partnership with NASSCOM FutureSkills is a solid step in that direction. Microsoft is firmly involved in establishing a digital skills ecosystem to equip India's young with AI-ready skills for emerging job opportunities.

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