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The Public Cloud Story: Top Five Enterprise AWS Partnerships in 2023


With millions of active customers and tens of thousands of partners worldwide, AWS has the largest and most vibrant public cloud community. Every conceivable use case is being performed on AWS by customers from almost every industry and of every size, including startups, large corporations, and government organizations. Tens of thousands of independent software vendors (ISVs) and thousands of systems integrators who specialize in AWS services make up the AWS Partner Network (APN). ISVs adapt their technology to work on AWS. Here are the top five AWS Partnerships that made headlines this year.

AWS & NVIDIA Collaborate on Next-Generation Infrastructure
Nvidia recently entered the trillion-dollar club thanks to the AI frenzy. The company had bolstered its AWS partnership with a goal of creating the most scalable, on-demand artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure in the world, one that is ideal for training large language models (LLMs) that are getting more sophisticated all the time and creating generative AI applications. The collaborative project makes use of the most recent Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud P5 instances powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs as well as AWS's cutting-edge networking and scalability, which will provide up to 20 exaFLOPS of compute performance for creating and training the most extensive deep learning models. Customers can scale up to 20,000 H100 GPUs in EC2 Ultra Clusters for on-demand access to supercomputer-class performance for AI thanks to P5 instances, which will be the first GPU-based instance to benefit from AWS's second-generation Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) networking, which offers 3,200 Gbps of low-latency, high bandwidth networking throughput.

Customers may leverage the special mix of Slalom's business transformation, software engineering, analytics capabilities, and AWS Professional Services, a global team of AWS professionals who help customers achieve their targeted outcomes with the cloud through Launch Centers

The development of the new P5 instances is based on more than ten years of cooperation between AWS and NVIDIA in the provision of the AI and HPC infrastructure,, as well as four prior collaborations involving the P2, P3, P3dn, and P4d(e) instances. Nearly 13 years after its original NVIDIA GPU deployment, which started with CG1 instances, P5 instances are the fifth generation of AWS services powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Zurich Selects AWS to Accelerate Digital Transformation
Zurich's infrastructure will be made simpler, more up-to-date, and automated by moving its crucial applications to AWS. With the help of these application environments, which are adaptable and scalable, agile product development will be possible. Zurich will accelerate the development & release of new products while saving about $30 million a year by utilizing Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Aurora (AWS's fully managed MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud), and AWS App Runner. Zurich may now concentrate on innovation and fresh client experiences while reinvesting worthwhile funds in new business ventures, hiring plans, and acquisition tactics. Zurich will be better able to streamline and optimize its key business processes and prepare for future reporting by embracing cloud technologies.

Experian Selects AWS, Aims to Scale Product Innovation
Experian will shift its core business operations, consumer services products, analytics tools, and on-premises servers to AWS as part of the company's cloud-first strategy. By centralizing these crucial technological platforms on the top cloud in the world, Experian will increase IT security and dependability, cut operational costs, and accelerate the time to market for new products. In order to develop customized programs and provide real-time financial services to consumers and business clients, Experian will also increase the range of cloud services it uses from AWS.

AWS offers Experian a safe and robust IT infrastructure that will hasten the launch of new consumer and commercial financial services solutions. Experian will continue to work with AWS to utilize the most cutting-edge technologies and apply machine learning and analytics to its enormous volume of data.

Renova Cloud
The AWS Public Sector Partner Program honors partners with expertise in providing solutions for global customers in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. A good overall AWS practice and evidence of experience and willingness to help customers in the public sector, including those in education and/or nonprofit organizations, are requirements for APN Partners to be eligible for the Public Sector Partner Program. Customers can access cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS), which include networking, computational capabilities, databases, storage, and content delivery. As a part of the AWS Public Sector, it collaborates with clients and organizations in the education, public, and nonprofit sectors to shift sensitive workloads into the cloud by meeting their unique regulatory and compliance needs. Leading providers of strategic cloud consulting in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia include Renova Cloud.

AWS and Slalom Expand Next-Generation Strategic Collaboration
A multinational business and technology consulting firm announced the extension of its global Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) for several years. In order to help customers in the energy, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, public sector, and media and entertainment industries accelerate their cloud journeys, the two companies will collaborate to develop vertical solutions and accelerators on AWS. These services will include specialized end-to-end cloud migration and modernization services. In 2023, AWS and Slalom will collaborate to develop go-to-market strategies and make co-investments in support of Slalom's continued expansion into Ireland and the Netherlands, followed by additional nations in Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe over the following years. This is in addition to assisting with the accelerated growth of Slalom markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand.

AWS and Slalom will deploy AWS Launch Centres as part of the partnership, building on their previously announced 2019 collaboration to assist businesses in accelerating their business transformations and modernizing their information technology services. Customers may leverage the special mix of Slalom's business transformation, software engineering, analytics capabilities, and AWS Professional Services, a global team of AWS professionals who help customers achieve their targeted outcomes with the cloud through Launch Centers. More than 160 clients have upgraded to AWS through their collaboration with Launch Centers during the past three years. AWS and Slalom are collaborating to create products that will aid clients in resolving certain business difficulties. For instance, Slalom provides the Amazon SageMaker-based Slalom Metre Data Analytics solution on AWS.

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