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Video Call is Possible on TV with TCL's India First Android 11 TV P725


The television is one of the most evident and classic examples of metamorphosis happening to an electronic product that started out as a big square box of infotainment, to the sleek appearance filled with several digital functionalities today. But now it’s scaled up to a level that even video calling is possible, for TCL, a well-known TV and consumer electronics brand, has launched India's first Android 11 TV P725.

The 65 inch TV is the first 4K HDR TV sporting a video call camera feature and is available on Amazon, with Garima Gupta, television category leader, Amazon India, who promised a flexible purchase and smooth installation of the TV.

Although it runs on Android 11, it does not come with the new Google TV UI, but with Google Duo and a detachable webcam, it enables for up to 32 video calls. This TV is a sure keeper for the 'work-from-home' crowd and its size ranges from 45, 50, 55 to 65 inches. The 4K TV is supported by HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The P725 is the first 4KHDRTV with a video call camera that runs on Android 11, as well as sophisticated technologies like MEMC, Dolby Vision & Atmos, hands-free voice control 2.0, and more”, said Mike Chen, General Manager, TCL India.

“The launch of our latest products highlights TCL's dedication to bring innovative technologies to market and give customers a more smoothly connected life by addressing their increasing demands throughout this new normal”, said Chen

Features of P725
The TV comes with a built-in video camera, allowing users to make video calls directly from the TV. The camera features a shutter that can be closed to conceal the lens for privacy, or the camera is totally detachable.

The TCL P725 is India's first TV to run Android 11. The new Google TV UI is not included with the TV. Users of Android TV may access the Google Play Store as well as a variety of popular streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5, and others.

It’s equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and has a sound output of 24 watts. The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate with three HDMI connections, one of which supports eARC. There are also two USB ports on the TV.

It also has an AiPQ Engine. As for the chip, TCL describes it as a chipset empowered TCL algorithm that processes information in real-time, detects the environment, and upscales display and audio. It also states that it improves the image based on the text.

This one is for the soap opera buffs, as the TV also has MEMC (Motion Estimation & Motion Compensation), which offers a better viewing experience with 60 frames per second and better audio-visual experience. Hence, the soap opera crowd can get a good taste of the drama happening in Indian, Kdrama, spanish or any drama of their choice.

Posing almost every feature outshining today’s smart TV, it does not come off as a surprise that it’s also equipped with its very own dust proof armour that helps it keep the filth and dust at bay.

As for the apps, TCL has designed an enhanced waterfall-flow interface that allows a content-first display among any apps the users switches on. It has more providers on its channel which include MX Player, Docubay, Epic On, and others.

Also, compared to last year’s hands-free controls on its last year’s TV, this year, the brand brought in Voice Control 2.0 for the P725. Thus, users can use their voice to change channels, create reminders, and explore streaming services, eliminating the need to search for the remote control.

It’s compatible with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and is exclusively available on Amazon. The 43-inch TV costs Rs.41,990, the 50-inch version costs >Rs.56,990, while the 55-inch version costs Rs.62,990 and the 65-inch TCL P725 is exclusively available on Amazon for Rs.89,990.

“The launch of our latest products highlights TCL's dedication to bring innovative technologies to market and give customers a more smoothly connected life by addressing their increasing demands throughout this new normal”, said Chen.

TCL C825, TCL C728, TCL C725
Later on TCL launched three C series smart TVs in India which are C825, c728 and 725 boasting major features such as Mini LED display technology, IMAX enhanced certification, Game Master including the brand’s second generation AiPQ Engine audio-visual processor. TCL C825 is powered by Android TV and has a mini LED QLED 4K display, the second, TCL C728 serves a QLED 4L display and Game Master technology, whereas the last one, TCL C725 comes with a Home Control Centre and MagiConnect for casting.

However, excluding TCL C728, TCL C825 and TCL C725 both support video calling, with the former sporting a 1080P magnetic magic camera enabling better online interactions. Whereas the latter possesses a Google Duo video calling experience seamlessly supports one-on-one or group calls, voice notes, video notes and much more.

Speaking of prices, TCL C825's 55-inch is priced at Rs.1,14,990, while the 65-inch model is priced at Rs.1,49,990. The TCL C728 is available in three sizes which are 55-inch at Rs.79,990, 65-inch for Rs.1,02,990, and 75-inch at Rs.1,59,990. Lastly, the TCL C725 is available in 50-inch at Rs.64,99055-inch for Rs.72,990, and 65-inch sizes at Rs.99,999.

TCL Stayed Strong During the Pandemic
Despite the pandemic, TCL Electronics' global smart TV sales and Internet business grew at a rapid pace, resulting in a headwind in profits. The company's revenue increased by 40.2 percent year on year to HK $ 50.95 billion. With a gross profit margin of 19.0 percent, gross profit reached HK$9.66 billion, up 29.8 percent year on year. The expense ratio reduced by 1.2 percentage points year over year to 15.5 percent, thanks to proactive sales channel optimization and expanded cost-cutting efforts.

Like most strong-willed companies, TCL Electronics was no less when it came to surviving the pandemic, as it remained committed to the 'smart display' strategy, with technology advancement and product innovation at its core. During the year, the Company introduced cutting-edge smart goods and services, increased market share and core competitiveness, and delivered strong results in a competitive market.

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