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Ducont: Pioneering an IoT Driven Complete FSM Software

Paul Raj and Venkatesh Sundaram,CTO and CEO

Providing field services is no easy feat, especially for small companies who have limited staff members. Companies in a variety of industries, including the very common ones like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing have a hard time coping up with the demands for service requests. To lay it down: some of the challenges that service businesses have to face due to lack of an exceptional field service management software are unavailability of real time information, scheduling complexities, rigid technology, lack of collaboration between office and field staff, and resultant Increased competition. Making heads turn in this domain, Dubai headquartered Ducont Solutions introduced Field Service Management Software called FieldPower. For the record, Ducont Solutions has 20 years of experience in designing solutions for Digital Transformation, Enterprise Mobility, Field Service Management, IT Consulting, Business Process Consulting, Microsoft Solutions and Analytics catered to various verticals.

"Putting AI to the best use, FieldPower is capable of handling excessive appointment windows with its forecasting and planning feature"

Ducont’s FieldPower is the Field Service Management software designed to simplify the complexity of service business. Focused on delivering optimized performance and business visibility, FieldPower empowers businesses ranging from small, medium to large, across industries to unleash innovation and growth.

Mobile Experience and Automation is the Key
Given the ubiquity of mobile usage across the globe and the Forrester report confirming an increased figure of more than 5.5 billion users by 2022, Ducont has carefully instilled the capabilities of a mobile experience in
FieldPower. FieldPower believes mobile investments creates and improves efficient communication channels. FieldPower’s mobile application platform helps field service companies and their on and off-field staffs connected in real-time. Anytime, anywhere access to the entire field service operations activities, data and
key insights enable decision makers to take key decisions on the fly. Having mentioned that, one must not forget the other half of the field service management crux: field service automation. Field Service automation is one of the major drivers of revenue
growth today. It allows employees to be more productive and satisfy customer expectations. Real time access to customer and job information including equipment, service history, location, and parts required, enables the field technician to complete the job at the first visit, which improves first time fix rates and reduces mean time to repair. Accordingly, Ducont’s cloud based solution automates the entire field service operation including scheduling, dispatching, preventive maintenance, customer & technician management, vendor management, real time tracking, fleet management, forecasting, planning and customized reports.

Embedding the Best of IoT & AI
If Automation was a giant puzzle, it’s no breaking news that IoT and AI form the center pieces of the bigger picture. Field Service is no different when it is about automation. Advanced sensors and big data analysis have made field service more predictive and efficient. FieldPower partnered with IoT platforms and experts to empower service companies across industries. With IoT, FieldPower lets the service organization know when an asset is down and automatically creates a work order with the right technician to fix it. With the evolution of electronic sensors and internet, managing and servicing physical objects including equipment, vehicles, and buildings are made easy with FieldPower.

FieldPower leverages AI in all aspects of field service. Right from assigning the right technician for the job to sharing the optimal route to reach the customer location and providing the data required for completing work order at first visit, FieldPower’s AI capabilities plays a huge role in Ducont's customer’s success. FieldPower eliminates time consuming visits to customer location for checking the status of equipment and its parts. With the help of sensors, the data that are captured from equipment performance are analyzed to identify abnormalities. When the performance reduces to a specific level, work orders are automatically created and sent to an on field technician. Predictive maintenance helps companies in planning and utilizing their resources effectively. Moreover, with FieldPower, long response wait time can be completely eliminated as the entire field service operation including scheduling and dispatching is automated. Putting AI to the best use, FieldPower is capable of handling excessive appointment windows with its forecasting and planning feature. The Forecast tool uses a time series algorithm to predict future values based on trends in existing time series data. The Field service scheduling features evaluates multiple variables (including availability, location, drive time, SLA, skills, and each vendors technician schedule) in real-time to find the right resource at the right time. Automatic scheduling sets appointments without human intervention, balancing lowest cost, best customer service and SLA’s –i.e. to schedule priorities.

Moreover, a Multiple-vendor management feature in FieldPower helps service companies to add vendors and their technicians based on the requirement, mostly during peak hours. The feature automatically schedules and dispatches the right skilled technician from a third party vendor. Thus, it allows toggling the scalability of the field resources based on the business needs.

With such feature rich software at play, Ducont is hopeful that FieldPower will continue to help service companies in acquiring new customers and retain
their existing customers by offering the highest level of customer service.

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