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Mimo Technologies: Nurturing New Markets for Established Enterprises in the Unserved Rural Areas

Lathika Reghunathan, CEO

According to a market research firm, the rural e-commerce market in India has the potential to be at USD 10 billion to USD 12 billion in the next four years on the back of increasing internet penetration, rising household income and the government’s push on digital in rural areas. Noida based Mimo Technologies Private Limited has put forth a framework to unlock long-term value from this potent rural market and enable a high performance business. The company has introduced a highly effective and innovative set of technical user friendly procedures where features that include VAS, Surveys, E-KYC collection & dispersal, Form filling & field investigation, order fulfilment and demand generation are conducted for established enterprises across
all verticals.

Field Force Management
Mimo’s field force management consists of a network of specialized trained field officers with updated technology which enables to connect every part of the country. Mimo empowers the field officers to improve on key factors such as productivity, and time management. The factors playing a role for the same are route optimization, engagement with client and a central team which ideally tracks, manages reporting and follows up on the attendance of the field officers. Each network point is mapped at every 2 km radius with workforces who identify the local scenario and have a thorough regional knowledge of the same which makes it easier for Mimo to penetrate the semi urban and rural areas in order to efficiently perform door

to door services hassle free. As for the
central team; the task management is efficiently controlled, where tasks are created, the status of the tasks are monitored and digital transformation of the required task is completed by the field officer who ideally visits the client, which is supported by a template based reporting system. Therefore, digitalized process support includes the digitalization of relevant documents at source where dynamic data capturing forms are used with QR & OCR tools. With these tools instant data transfer is completed through a secured API with defined integration points.

" Mimo’s digital Safe procedures are equipped with capabilities like multi file uploading, file size optimizations, geo tagging and quality enhancements, thereby simplifying paperwork"

Moreover, Mimo plays a crucial role in performing the KYC on behalf of their clients from the financial industry using the best of KYC activities such as CIP, CID and EDD. Instant individual authentication, reduced paperwork & lower costs, enhanced operational efficiency and reduced redundancies, are all by products of the state-of-the-art digitalized process framework used. Mimo’s digital Safe procedures are equipped with capabilities like multi file uploading, file size optimizations, geo tagging and quality enhancements, thereby simplifying paperwork.

Logistics & Cash Flow
AIOVA (All India Trade Online Vendors Association) quotes the process of cash collection as the biggest hurdle for ecommerce platform. The courier services employed by such ecommerce firms duly transfer the cash collected from customers to the sellers causing the money to change a lot of hands and a certain amount of time delay. Moreover, conditions in rural areas like large number of small markets and unserved pin codes, inadequate banks and credit facilities and less trained dealers, non streamlined collection process, failure to track and reconcile accounts, and settlement delays as there are no electronic audit trails of cash transactions, lead to further slowing down the process. Mimo’s vision for logistics and distribution is

the get the right goods or services to the right place at the right time and in the desired condition at the lowest cost and highest return on investment. Accordingly, as a solution Mimo offers a temporary workforce comprising of well trained field officers who perform the last mile delivery and collection in untapped pincodes across India. As for cash flow, Mimo likes to keep the operation simple by providing a closed loop wallet app to the field officers. Hardcash is collected and converted into digital form in the form of deductions from field officer’s wallet; the settlement is done the same day. Each transaction is notified to the customer, service provider and Mimo, with a transaction Id, keeping all the parties aware of the relevant information.

Differentiated Approach & Operations
Mimo's operations largely depend on 2 factors: state-of-the-art technology and their specialized network of field officers. As the market mostly flourishes with a digitalized approach, Mimo has expanded digital inclusion by reaching out to the rural and semi urban areas and providing a strong support system for MFIs, logistics & distribution, banking, and entertainment with their well trained field officer network. The network allows for the identification, and traceability of well placed field officers nodes who respond to the needs of customers across India.

Having served giants like the Aditya Birla Group and RBL Bank with their field verification and collection solutions, Mimo Technologies has reached new heights in their 3 years of existence in the market. “My opinion would be that Mimo has paved the way for the future in untapped pincodes and shown that a idea which identifies strong needs not necessarily in urban area can be established and generate a potential growth market for all service providers”, Lathika Reghunathan, CEO, Mimo Technologies. Mimo has been bridging a gap between large companies and value added service providers enabling the discovery of a huge market and improves revenue and brand image, while essentially tapping in rural and semi urban areas.

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