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Logitech: Video Novelties to the Masses for a Truly Digital India

Sumanta Datta ,MD

With the clunky start in 1968, video adoption didn’t have a chance to go mainstream until the 1980’s. Video remained a movie buffs sci-fi dream because it seemed implausible. Fast forward to the 21st century; though a lot changed with India going Digital, the fundamental benefits of a video collaboration is still to take shape in every vessel in the country.

As a pioneer to introducing webcams to the Indian markets over two decades ago, Logitech has contributed to video conference innovation ever since, helping to transform usage from a novelty to a genuine productivity tool in the process. “We have achieved breakthroughs in quality and affordability that have opened group video conferencing to the masses — solutions that make face-to-face collaboration available to everyone, anytime and anywhere for about the price of an office chair”, says Sumanta Datta, MD, Logitech.

Logitech also offers best-in-class products in terms of features and designs. Logitech’s video collaboration devices can capture video in 4K/ UHD and provide a full range of audio when combined with the desired IT requirements. Innovation and creativity while designing products, lies at the heart of Logitech’s culture.

From mouse & keyboards, and presentation devices, all the way through a wide range of video collaboration solutions, Logitech’s innovation is targeted at improving how the Indian workforce currently executes work. While reaching out and establishing grip in every business sector, Logitech products are augmenting an efficient activation. This is because the Creativity & Productivity and Video Collaboration tools are effective in reducing time, cost and effort spent at work. “Better accessibility and faster connectivity is the prime agenda that we envision to serve”, adds Sumanta. Logitech is a prominent leader in products that connect people to digital experiences

and is considered as a pioneer for providing affordable & mass-deployable video conferencing solutions.

Given India’s reputation with the volume of startups, Logitech has stepped in to reiterate their expertise and outreach in India, as it had overseas. Moreover, emerging businesses exhibit exponential demands for video collaboration solutions. Logitech brings in intuitive and hands free video collaboration tools like Professional webcams and conference cams equipped with HD video quality and state of the art audio. Logitech’s VC tools foster greater level of collaboration and can provide human-touch interface. The company has also introduced Logitech GROUP- for mid to large size conference rooms, Logitech MeetUp- for small conference rooms and Logitech Conference CamConnectfor portable and versatile connection.

Digi@Bharat for the Core Transformation
As part of its citizenship efforts, Logitech is leading efforts to promote Digital Inclusiveness in India. The overarching vision is to empower every citizen in the country to embrace and reap the advantages of Digital India. It is with this vision, Logitech launched Digi@Bharat to complement Government’s Digital India initiatives, by connecting and empowering millions.

It is to be noted that language is one of the significant barriers to this end with most interfaces being in English. The first leg of Digi@Bharat involved the launch of Devanagari-English keyboard in Uttar Pradesh, one of the largest states where Hindi is used as the native language. The launch was presided over by the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Dinesh Sharma and Special Secretary IT Abhay Singh, in April 2018 and so far, the Devnagari-English keyboards have been handed over to more than 100 schools in Lucknow.

In addition, several initiatives have been taken in the area of Tele-education. Till date, Logitech VC solutions have been implemented in 24 out of the 26 Universities in West Bengal. Over 350 virtual classrooms have been created with over 500 video conferencing devices installed. It is estimated that over 5,000 virtual classes are being conducted monthly benefitting more than 2 lakhs students across West Bengal. Logitech, with WEBEL (the state’s nodal agency for IT and electronics) aided the universities with suitable distance learning solutions at an affordable cost that were not only easy to use but were also compatible with all the softwares that are used by their users.

Logitech’s video collaboration units provided solutions by helping in recording and storing teaching lessons, facilitating campus interviews, and also conducting parent teacher interactions via video collaboration. It acted as a medium to bridge the gap between teachers and students located at remote locations.

Digi@Bharat is a flagship program launched by the Company to empower a large number of Indian citizens participate in the country’s digital revolution. Efforts are now being pursued for effective deployment of Logitech’s technology for telemedicine and telejustice in addition to reaching out to more States for enhancing tele-education capabilities. The company also plans to launch keyboards in other vernacular languages in the coming months.

Logitech launched Digi@Bharat to complement Government’s Digital India, initiatives by connecting and empowering millions

Remote Working
Logitech has pioneered the concept of remote working and has been successfully able to magnify its impact globally. Sumanta conveys Team Logitech’s extreme satisfaction at the response received on the ‘Work from Anywhere’ initiative. Acknowledged globally by all the stakeholders, the initiative lived up to the expectation and beyond. The experts had envisioned stepping into a relaxed work space through this initiative and are absolutely delighted to see how well it has been perceived. “According to us, its impact is positively correlated to the output delivered by employees since they were allowed to work in a liberal environment. The focal point of our narrative behind this initiative is to combine technology with ideas that strike a chord with the most critical resource in the professional ecosystem i.e., workforce”, explains the Managing Director.

Logitech strives to design experiences that are loved by its users at all levels of the society. More so, the company has transformed its innovation engine, amalgamated with its superior designs, engineering and consumer insights, to build a diverse, growing and profitable portfolio of product experiences. And since an IT hardware market giant like Logitech has sworn to bridge the digital gap in India, rest assured the Indian masses will learn, grow and build for a better tomorrow.

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