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TekMinders: Minding Enterprise IT

Sanjeev Amin,Co-Founder & Chairman

Sanjeev Amin

Co-Founder & Chairman

Field service is a fairly self-contained sector. Technical support is the heart of the field service industry. Most field service operations involve installation, troubleshooting and repair. However, there is an important customer service component to field service. Many technically trained professionals do not have systematic access to customer relations skills. However, Bangalore based TekMinders IT Services takes a different ground on the same. Right from customer relationship management (CRM), to helpdesk, to field dispatched resources, to accounting, and enterprise resource planning (ERP), TekMinders’ field service supervisors have granular visibility over the entire field service operation. TekMinders’ end-to-end seamless integration brings an exceptional level of clarity that, coupled with other essential tools fetches new opportunities and new levels of field service. Given the granular knowledge of the nature of the problem, the company’s field service workforce has grown immense expertise in fixing the
problems in first attempts, thus providing a cost effective method to the customers and setting benchmarks in customer service.

TekMinders Field Services offering includes Network Deployment, Network Break/Fix, and Logistics services. These can be individual elements, or also offered as a complete turn-key solution to address support needs globally.

Being a comprehensively Service centric company with enhanced capabilities to provide quality services, TekMinders offers resource deployment, Cross Platform Training, and Remote management. The company has competent partners and suppliers by their side to provide the genuine spares and L3 support on hydrogenous technologies. As mentioned earlier, TekMinders’ staffs are geared up in managing server infrastructure and overseeing its performance by continuous monitoring using various tools or methodologies. Server management helps in increasing agility of business-critical applications and aims at optimizing the performance of both physical and virtual servers. Given its criticality, TekMinders conducts a yearly proactive maintenance as per customer availability to reduce failures on servers and switches.

"TekMinders was formed with one
intention in IT industry: difference

However, a successful field deployment requires more than simply dispatching technicians and solutions. For the same, TekMinders takes 2 influential steps to ensure the credibility of the services delivered. The first step involves designing a cost effective and time sensitive plan for customer’s unique requirement. Second step is about the communication when a ticket is logged for a hardware failure. The journey from the time a ticket is logged until its resolution is closely monitored by TekMinders’ support and logistics team and communicated with customers at every step with the help of an in-house ITSM tool specifically designed for on-field operational needs. “TekMinders was formed with one intention in IT industry: difference makers. We want to be a 1 stop solution
for all IT needs, specializing in hardware, which includes providing best hardware, meeting customer’s SLA commitments and most importantly, best customer service for our customers”, says Sanjeev Amin, Chairman of Board, TekMinders.

The Experienced People Involved

Each engineer and team member becomes a part of periodic workshops for training and is encouraged for higher education to stay up to date with routinely changing technology. As a process driven company, every individual in the organization performs his or her duty according to the role and responsibility assigned. Besides, TekMinders possesses veteran leaders with 20 years of overall global IT experience from various industries including software development, database management, IT hardware, and sales industries. “We are passionate to provide the exceptional Services, where quality is the top most agenda”, adds Vijendra Shrivastava, COO, TekMinders.

TekMinders’ clientele comprises from national TV channels to hospitals at large. One of the reputed healthcare industry players sought for an annual maintenance provider. The challenge was that the healthcare provider had servers all over India spread out in about 25 cities in 5 states and the hardware included high end switches, Dell servers, Tape library and storages. TekMinders prepared an accurate spare plan and laid out a considerable amount of investment to ensure required spare is within 2 hrs away from data center locations. “We proposed the solution to our client and with their buy-in and transparency we were able to design a custom solution and met their expectation”, recalls Shailesh Sharma, CEO, TekMinders. With minimized downtime and disruption, TekMinders was able to meet 100 percent SLA for the client for the whole year.

In the years to come, TekMinders intends to spread the wings to every state in the country and gradually climb the market ladder to become number one in customer support and services. Asia Pacific and Europe regions are also eyed upon for extending their software development and cloud expertise.

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