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Openweb Solutions: Exploring Latest Technologies to Bring the Best of Care

Miltan Chaudhury,Founder & CEO

Miltan Chaudhury

Founder & CEO

For an industry as dense and complex as healthcare, requisites go beyond just solutions and services. Healthcare businesses look for problem solving and know how skills in their solution vendor. Based out of Kolkata, Openweb Solutions is a complete digital solution provider that manages the operations of all the departments of an organization’s business process development- from web applications to Big Data. Over the years, the company has developed customized solutions for specific needs and implemented, maintained, and extended the solution post development. Particularly for the healthcare sector, Openweb’s customized software offerings go beyond the contemporary services and include Medical imaging (DICOM)solutions, Electronic Medical Record (EMR),hospital management system, clinical billing system, ERP, Radiology Information System (RIS), and appointment booking system.

Since the healthcare industry has turned more digital, it has started to realize its potential in more personalized and convenient care and in higher responsiveness to cohort drifts. On a constant thrive to explore the newest technologies, Openweb’s R&D team suggests new and existing customers the possibility to further improve their product or idea to the next level. Some of the noteworthy applications developed by Openweb Solutions include iShareScan application for kjaya medical LLC; QDicom application for ACES Gmbh; DentalTrax application for; iMet application for Boston Children Hospital; and RIS application for kjayamedical LLC. The

increasing costs and demand for more
effective healthcare services have compelled hospitals to integrate advanced technologies for managing work force better and simultaneously delivering quicker and better patient care. Spurred by these factors, the uptake of radio information systems has significantly increased across hospitals and radiology departments. Similarly, analytic tools to visualize DICOM images have caught attention. Openweb Solutions has been contributing towards reducing the gap between the demand and supply of these applications since 2007 and has taken a pivotal role in developing such systems. “We have used different technology stacks for the web application development so far”, adds Miltan Chaudhary, Founder & CEO at Openweb Solutions.

Openweb’s R&D team suggests new and existing customers the possibility to further improve their product or idea to the next level

For a decade on sprint, Openweb Solutions has been a prominent web application development service provider with technological expertise being a key strength of the team. It followed that the Openweb team started developing a few exclusive healthcare applications as per the needs of the clients, and got introduced with concepts like HIPAA compliance, DICOM image processing, and EMR/EHR etc. Hence, this was an expertise building from the inside out and ground up. “I believe this, at a later time, helped us to move smoothly through many large projects we have worked on. It helps us to understand the language of the customer, and also suggest things that mostly becomes beneficial to them as well”, explains Miltan.

Complementing Communication and Innovation
Strongly believing communication to be the oxygen for a successful business, Openweb’s business analysts work

closely with the client to finalize the business model and specifications. The team chauffeurs the client’s ideation phase only to adapt to the changing ideas throughout the process. As the project changes pace, the vision of the end product portrays a better result than what was initially decided upon in the ideation stage. The Openweb team stays with the client the entire time until the end product meets the client’s expectation and beyond. Following that, during the execution stage too, communication between the team and the client is prioritized to ensure the development to be on track. Finally, post development, the deployment and promotion is assisted by Openweb’s team to be in sync with the client. This is taken care of via regular communication.

Openweb's contribution towards the development and enhancements of the web based application for Boston Children Hospital,USA accounts for the company’s most successful and meaningful works in this domain. The hospital, along with generic healthcare services, also helps teenagers to fight addiction (Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol). This application is a suite of personalized interactive (Rich internet application) sessions equipped with a virtual doctor, who creates some scenarios in front of the patient, and based on the answers that the patient selects, makes the patient to understand, accept and infer that use of addictive substances is not good for the patient. Following this session, the virtual doctor guides the patient to fight with addiction via a series of steps. This treatment is conducted as a series of sessions between the patient and the virtual doctor. All the records from earlier sessions are stored in database, and are referred to for future sessions to provide a completely personalized counselling.

Having been associated with companies in the US, Europe and Australia, Openweb Solutions has started to focus on the domestic market since 2018. With works under way to get associated with Indian healthcare companies, Openweb Solutions is excited and ambitious to implement expertise in developing world class healthcare software at an affordable rate in India.

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