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Gamers be Prepared for an Upcoming Esports BGMI Battle by Krafton

CIO Insider Team | Wednesday, 14 July, 2021

The time has come for the gamers of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) to prepare for an upcoming esports battle hosted by Krafton, a South Korean video gaming tech giant behind the creation of PUBG, and others.

Regarding the esports event, the video game tech giant launched a teaser video showcasing glimpses of the first esports tournament for BGMI called the India Series Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021. However, the video did not project any prize money, format or even dates for that matter, but gamers do be aware, as the company has scheduled the core details, except a new dedicated website, in the video which will be launched on July 15th, 2021.

Prior to the event, the video game tech giant showed sneak peeks of the BGMI esports roadmap during the 'Launch Party' event and blew the horns about announcements going live on July 15th.

However, a website that goes by the name Gamzo, has shared some intel around the upcoming battle. The website states that the battle will last two months and the battle for in-game qualities as well as online qualifiers will commence on August 2nd and end in the second week of October this year.

gamers do stay tuned for tomorrow’s video to know more about the India Series Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021 esports battle

Speaking of rewards, the Gamzo states that there will be a sum of Rs.1,00,00,000 for the win.

The words resounding in the gaming universe now is that, to enter the battle, gamers will have to have at least a platinum tier for participation.

With that said, gamers do stay tuned for tomorrow’s video to know more about the India Series Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021 esports battle .

Since the dawn of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the major part of the India mobile gaming community has witnessed new definitions to combat gaming and has overall been made a positive impact. Krafton recorded a download of more than 34 million within a week. It currently boasts 16 million daily active gamers, making it the most popular game on India’s gaming block.

Also, Krafton just partnered with Tesla, in which the South Korean video game developer giant will showcase the making of the game-changing electric vehicle (EV) developer’s Model Y formation. This allows players to watch the model’s making from scratch to the finish.

On the other hand, the video game tech giant has brought in new updates and features to BGMI with the support of Tesla.

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