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  • 10 Most Recommended Fleet Management Software Solution Providers - 2019

    Fleet Management is necessary to improve the quality of the company’s services and to develop productivities to make the service more active. This elevates the processes and develops efficiency of adopters. The execution of government principles for transportation companies concerning security measures and building popularity of mobile gadgets are estimated to initiate the field at a CAGR of 20 percent from 2017-2025. The fleet management technologies globally and market service, which contains tracking, analytics, telematics, monitoring and vendor services was in a value of $12 billion the previous year and is likely to increase to $35 billion by the year 2019, according to the market standards. According to a recent research study conducted the GPS fleet management systems can increase the fleet management productivity and vehicle...

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
4<span>TiGO</span> 4TiGO Anjani Mandal , Co-Founder & CEO Builds a platform for fleet owners, truck owner/drivers, transporters, and transport companies to track onward loads to next destination and/or place loads to find matching trucks with best rates.
<span id='cap'>e</span>Fleet Systems EFleet Systems Anismesh Saboo , Co-Promoter Provides ERP services for fleet management, vehicle P&L over a lifetime, integrated GPS, mobile tracking of consignments, driver verification and tyre management.
ElasticRun ElasticRun Sandeep Deshmukh , Co-Founder & CEO An aggregated variable capacity transportation network built to cater various industries which include FMCG, food, manufacturing and e-commerce.
FarEye FarEye Kushal Nahata , Co-Founder & CEO Service providers in logistics, supply chain, express logistics, postal & courier, and elastic logistics.
FreightBro FreightBro Raghavendran Viswanathan , Co-Founder & CEO Leverages technology to enable freight forwarders to make data-driven decisions, predict changes in the market and provide better value to shippers.
Leap India Leap India Sunu Mathew , Founder & MD Offers pooling solutions, foldable large containers, transportation, returnable packages, inventory management, asset management, repairs & maintenance, reverse logistics, and warehouse IT solutions.
Locus Locus Geet Garg , CTO Provides services for last mile delivery automation, route planning, route deviation, on-demand delivery optimization, scheduled delivery optimization, and supply chain automation & optimization.
LogiNext LogiNext Vipul Mehta , CEO Design solutions for real time tracking, field sales force automation, dynamic route planning, location intelligence, delivery automation software, supply chain optimization, last mile delivery software, field workforce management, and on-demand delivery software.
Qaptive Technologies Qaptive Technologies Manu Puthoor , Operations Manager Offers software applications for school bus tracking and other usages concerning educational institutions.
Shadowfax Shadowfax Vaibhav Khandelwal , Co-Founder & CTO Facilitates on-demand services, local delivery, logistics, e-commerce, and food delivery.