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Here are the Highlights of Apple's WWDC21 - Day-One


The much-awaited Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC21) has finally set sail by unfolding upgrades to many of its operating systems, popularly termed as iOS 15 and upgrades of its previous MacOS 12, WatchOS8 and iPadOS 15. The event set off with a keynote addressed by Apple’s CEO Timothy Donald Cook or popularly called as Tim Cook, giving a glimpse into Apple's activities to pool more people into its realm.

Following this, Craig Federeighi, Vice President, Software Engineering, and Kevin Lynch Vice President of Technology and other executives delivered more intel revolving around the updates about the products and events. To which the keynote also spoke of plans for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other operating systems.

Although the event usually centers around the latest software upgrades for every product, it does unveil a hardware device at times. However, this year’s event solely focused on software upgrades. The event will ferry until June 11, and here are some of the most spectacular software upgrades announced on day one.

Cook expressed that "as we work to make the world a better place full of opportunity for all of us, we are committed to becoming a force for change”

iOS 15
A day load of piled up notifications are overwhelming, unorganized and most importantly they appear to be confusing. Apple has given a cure by devising a Notification summary, where users can assemble notifications according to their preference based on the most important to their interactions with apps, done through device intelligence. Federeighi along with the rest of the team introduced features such as Facetime Links, interactive Memories, Live Text, Focus, richer offline Siri support and more.

Federeighi revealed that the company is also implementing capabilities that will make it easier for users to join in calls. Sound isolation, for example, eliminates background noise. Another is Apple's name for surround sound, 'spatial audio'. People will sound like they're coming from different sections of the room in this example, depending on where their FaceTime tiles are displayed.

iPadOS 15
The company has cooked up separate aesthetics that serve best the screens of small and medium sized iPad devices. The keynote also introduced new widgets for apps like Find My, Photo, and Files, as well as a larger widget size that takes advantage of the extra screen real estate on iPads.

App Library, as well as a new multitasking control panel that enables for faster transitioning between split view and Slide Over, are now available for iPad. Quick Notes may be dragged in and out of the corner of the screen almost anywhere in the OS, and Swift Playgrounds will now allow users to write iPad apps on the iPad.

macOS Monterey
Its mac has ever been the most prominent change, especially with its Silicon-based Macs, which is the most successful technology migrations. Apple never referred to this version of macOS as macOS 12 on stage, instead referring to it as 'Monterey'. Shortcuts, AirPlay to Mac (both audio and video), Spatial Audio support from compatible sources with AirPods Pro, a revised Safari experience with more compact and flexible tab management (and syncing across devices) and, perhaps most impressively, Universal Control are all coming to macOS.

Federighi demonstrated the ability to shift a MacBook's trackpad and keyboard across the screen and onto the display of the iPad next to it with apparent ease, enabling for quick keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures on iPadOS. Universal Control, on the other hand, takes a step further by allowing drag-and-drop file sharing across numerous devices in a single operation.

watchOS 8
From introducing a feature to call for help, Apple has now bounced back with a much better feature and that is the Health app. The health app will determine the chances of falling in the future. Apple claims that the new 'steadiness' data point is scientifically confirmed and is based on how you walk throughout the day. If your chances of falling increase, Apple says it will send you an alarm. Apple is also introducing a feature that allows you to share your health data with your family. People will now be able to share health data with other iPhone users and grant them access to any data they desire, according to the business. Apple claims that this will be especially useful for households with senior members and children.

Photos, Memories, and feature photos have all been added to the watchOS Photos app, and sharing and message composition have all been simplified on-the-go.

iCloud Plus
This is a new feature that helps obscure personal information from the web. For one, it will now generate ambiguous email addresses to prevent spammers from contacting the user. It's also developing a 'relay' system that masks your information while you browse the web. When you use Apple's relay system, your internet traffic will be routed through two relay systems, disguising your data even from Apple.

These functionalities will be included into iCloud at the same pricing as they are now, according to Apple.

Apple's voice assistant has previously only been available on the company's iPhones, iPads, Macs, and HomePods. Apple has now announced that it will collaborate with third-party companies to make Siri available on their devices as well. If your smart thermostat, for example, has a microphone and speaker, the firm will be able to integrate Siri into it.

Apple has stated that all Siri interactions will take place within your house, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Apple's AirTags provided a new way to track gadgets, but the company is taking it a step further with Apple's own accessories. AirPods will now send out a 'bluetooth beacon' so that Find My Network devices can help you find them if you're not near them, according to Apple.

Similar to that of AirTags, the Find My app will help you determine the location of your AirPods Pro. Apple also announced that the AirPods will have a 'separation alarm', which will send a notification to your phone if you forget your AirPods. There's no news yet on whether they will make puppy dog eyes if you leave the AirPods at home alone for the evening.

Seeming how Apple has been embracing entrepreneurs including its support to developers from women to people of colour, Cook expressed that "as we work to make the world a better place full of opportunity for all of us, we are committed to becoming a force for change”.

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