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Looking for a Soundbar? Here are the Best Five Soundbars under 20,000


Music is said to have excellent curing power and is used in several therapies. The late neurologist Oliver Sacks in his book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain, debated music as essential to being human in ways that we have only begun to understand. Music stimulates the brain centers that control and transfer reward and pleasure. That is why listening to a favorite song can make you happy.

Music therapy is an evidence-based therapy that harnesses the power of music to improve the quality of life by treating the disease. There are more proven examples where music is the medium of treatment. For instance, in 2013, a Turkish study found that music therapy and guided visual imagery reduce the anxiety levels of patients undergoing chemotherapy. The patients also had the least level of nausea and vomiting sensation.

There is, in fact, no single musical center in the brain but rather multiple brain networks that analyze music when it plays, thereby giving the music the power to influence everything from our mood to memory.

On the other hand, having the right music setting is also important to savor the OTT streaming experience.

With a booming e-commerce industry, we have many choices in front of us; it is challenging to decide which one is best to buy according to their budget. So the users don’t have to get confused now.

This is where the soundbar is useful. As we know, soundbars provide a superior audio experience without needing several cords and a more complicated setup. A soundbar is a combination of speakers that project sound into the room from the same area as the television. There's less area in the bezels to hide speakers as TVs get thinner and thinner. As a result, a soundbar can enhance the audio experience.

With a booming e-commerce industry, we have many choices in front of us; it is challenging to decide which one is best to buy according to their budget. So the users don’t have to get confused now.

Here are the best five soundbars under Rs.20,000:

Sony HT-S20R
Available for just below Rs. 18,000, with Sony HT-S20R, we can enjoy dramatic, high-quality surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels and give 5.1 channels of real surround sound. Dolby Digital consists of Rear speakers and an external subwoofer that works with a 3-ch soundbar to deliver dynamic, immersive, cinematic sound. 400W power output puts you right at the heart of the action. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port to plug and play music from a memory stick with ease, it has a button for every sound mode that's right for whatever you're watching or listening to, including Auto, Standard, Cinema, and Music. One can also select Night and Voice modes. The soundbar enables us to Connect to TV via a single cable connection.

boAt Aavante Bar Aaupera
Users can experience boAt Signature Sound with 120W RMS premium audio delivered by Aavante Bar Aaupera with Alexa built-in. One can summon Alexa by using English and Hindi as a medium and delve into a smarter way of enjoying home audio entertainment. Its 2.1 Channel captivating sound sets you for an alternate dimension, with an ethereal sound quality that adds color to the audio and visual experience. The premium-styled soundbar adds to the home's beauty as much as it adds to the immersive auditory experience. The price of the sound bar is around Rs. 10,000. Just ask Alexa, and you can stream music from Spotify, Gaana, and JioSaavn on this smart soundbar. Users can control the playback and every aspect of entertainment by the master remote control. The soundbar is made accessible by wireless, wired, and other forms of connectivity, viz—Bluetooth, AUX, USB, Optical, and HDMI with the versatile Aavante Bar Aaupera.

Artis BT-X9
The price of the soundbar is 8,499.00. Artis X9 Sound Bar is a powerful Bluetooth Soundbar with sleek looks and excellent audio response with a Slender and stylish Matte black design. It consists of four inbuilt speakers and one woofer, providing clarity across a broad frequency range with crisp highs and deep bass. The integrated USB port enables playback of MP3/WMA files directly from compatible media. The device has USB, OPTICAL, COAXIAL, HDMI (ARC), and AUX (3.5mm) as input. The soundbar has an Inbuilt 2.1 Channel amplifier with 3 EQ Presets with extended wall mounts provided for added convenience. The device has an audio output of 120W RMS. It has 4 x 2.25-inch 15W units + 1 x 6.5 inch 60W woofer and 5.0 +EDR, SNR :> =75dB, Frequency: 55Hz-20 KHz Bluetooth.

It is available for Rs. 7,999.00. Soundbar’s enthralling 2.1-channel 3D sound makes the users feel like they have gone to another world. The device has multiple connectivity options through HDMI, Aux, USB, and OPT; this makes users feel like their home is a theater. The 120W RMS DSP enabled 3D; high definition Signature Sound puts users right at the heart of the action. Users can now enjoy a theater experience with a powerful, elegant wireless subwoofer of 6.5 Inches.

They can switch through their choice modes of entertainment such as Movies, News, Music & 3D with a sleekly designed remote control. The device has explosive quadruple 2.25-inch drivers to drive the sound from every direction. And also, wireless Bluetooth version 5.0 so that users can play their favorite videos or songs right from their phones or tablets. The device has a sleek glossy Premium finish with the LED display on this finely crafted soundbar that contributes to the house's attractiveness and the immersive aural experience. Users are enabled with control playback via easy operational controls and the master remote control device.

MOTOROLA AmphisoundX Dolby ATMOS
The price of the sound bar is 16,999. It comes with 3 HDMI Ports and one HDMI ARC, and HDMI 1/2 port where users can connect a TV stick / MI TV or even the Amazon FireTV stick and connect the soundbar with the TV to enjoy Dolby ATMOS sound experience even on TVs that do not support it. The soundbar output is 250W; it is 3.1 channels and comes with a wireless subwoofer.

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